Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Camp moment

Camp - yay, I've been waiting for an eternity. When I heard we were doing crab hunting I lept up in the air and yelled yessss! I was so excited and so were my friends. We set off, strolling happily down the road. Suddenly I smelt a terrible smell. I looked down and saw a massive, sloppy cow poo. Luckily I walked around it, looked up and thought just ignore it. I was getting really tired but I kept going.

At the beach we peered under rocks. Everyone was squealing and screeching, running and jumping with joy. The rocks were wet and exceptionally smooth. I found a crab that was the size of a person's ear. I was quite surprised I’d found a crab that big.

Walking back to camp was fun as well, even though I was soaking wet, sandy and smelly. Overall crab hunting was quite an adventure.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017


They were in the desert starving to death, feeling traumatised, thinking about food. Then a camel came storming at them, everyone was so scared they ran away but one brave person stood in horror. He tried to kill the camel but he couldn't so he gave up too and ran away. The people who ran away saw a big bulky bird flying down low so they caught it in a flax net that they had made at their hut. That night they cooked the bird on the fire to eat for dinner .

 Later that night one person explored the desert and he came across a cottage. He crept up to it, when he opened  the door there was a horrible smell of overripe cheese. Once he got used to the smell he saw a man who was chained to a wall. He was fat, ugly, he had very wide eyes, skin that was green and he had  a patch of fluffy hair on the top of his head. He ran back to tell the people what he saw but they were all gone.

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Halswell Quary

My class and I had a trip to Halswell Quarry.  I enjoyed it because we learnt about different rocks and the history of Halswell. I learned Banks Peninsula had formed from volcanoes. I Like this photo because it has a good image of the Quarry.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

My Whakapapa

My name is Luca Greasley. My mum chose my name because it sounded nice. I was born at 1:30 in the morning. My mum and dad met in a hospital in England and my dad wanted to come back so they did. My dad's mum and dad lived in Ashburton. 

The oldest relative my mum remembers is Auntie Trot. She sat in a deckchair in the middle of the room at Christmas. My great grandma was cheeky, she put mice under old lady's doors and brought a frog into class.  My mum was taught to be kind and respect other people.

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Character description

Jeffrey is a human who is very bald. His scalp looks like it's been polished day in day out and is as clean as a new car. His face is extremely wrinkled. His body is as square as a rubix cube, he is also so short that you could jump over him. He wears bright blue cycling shorts that would probably blind you if you looked  at them too long and a white singlet . He walks slowly like he's been tasered by the police, sometimes he stumbles like towers. When his friends annoy him he goes as red as a tomato.

Jeffrey is very mean though he follows people like he’s there shadow He lives in the woods in a camouflage tree house so he can't be seen.  In town he likes to hang out in alleyways. He has a very unusual hobby and it is collecting dinosaurs and cards. His mates are called Stick Smith and Tom Heaton. 

Jeffrey’s catch phrase is“ I knew that” . He speaks really loudly and he is extremely droopy. Jeffrey speaks with a German acccent . Jeffrey talks so loud that buildings could fall over.

Jeffrey sometimes hangs out with a boy called Hamish. Jeffrey’s friends laugh when he speaks. Other people think he is mean and chubby. The environment he lives in is damp and cold. The most important thing to him is his teddy bear and black blanket. 


Sunday, 13 November 2016

Travis wetland

A couple of days ago me and my class had an amazing adventure at Travis Wetland and I took this photo. What I like about it is the view in the background, and I loved the nature at Travis Wetland, especially the birds. Most of all I liked the surrounding.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Riccarton bush

My class and I went on an amazing adventure to Riccarton Bush. We did a quiz to find different trees. We took this photo because we thought the trees behind us were very mixed size and it made me feel relaxed and free. I'm glad we went to Riccarton Bush.